About us


Created by an Italian Designer and produced in the UK, Caro line London is the newest revolutionary concept brand designed to give you greater freedom to express yourself and to dress in a distinctive and ever changing way.

Every style of this collection is interchangeable and customizable, as additional parts can be bought to mix and match according to your style, preference, or mood on the day. Thanks to the zips, situated in strategic points of the garment, you can look completely different in a second.

It’s all about two part garments, using a multitude of styles and fabrics that can be mixed and matched with colourful designer zips by YKK to create your own unique look. You can finally express your different personalities through your style, or even crete a new one.

Say goodbye to throwaway fashion and regular wardrobe detoxes. With both attachments and full garments available to purchase you can wear the same mini skirt over and over again! Buy a midi skirt one season and then purchase just the attachments the following season. It’s all about taking that one item and customising it as much as you want.

At Caro line London, every style is designed to valorise the feminine shapes and emphasise your creative side.

Our first capsule collection focuses on the styles: Louise, the short zip, Mary, the “v” shape and Georgia, the dress & jumpsuit.


This is a two parts skirt, connected (front & back) by two lateral zips, which allows you to change the garment with lots of different fabric, or even with different lengths.


Studied in two parts divided by two zips under the “V” shaped corset, available in different colors, you will be able to change the style of your skirt, according to your mood or preferences.


Jumpsuit during the day, and elegant dress at night. With this model you can change your style in a zip. The top, which change in colours and fabrics, is connected to the underneath part, thanks to the long hidden bust zip, and allows you to refresh your style at any time.