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To introduce you to the magic and colourful world of Caroline London, we focused our first capsule collection in three main styles: Louise, the short zip, Mary, the “v” shape and Georgia, the dress & jumpsuit. Each and every garment of this collection is customisable in length, style and colour, and additional parts can be bought separately season after season for the perfect look.


Louise is a two parts skirt, connected (front & back) by two lateral zips. Each attachment comes in different colours, fabrics, lengths and styles. You can mix & match them all to find the combination you like most. You can always restyle your garment into something completely different and create new styles every day.

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Jumpsuit during the day, and elegant dress at night. With this model you can change your style in a zip. The top, which change in colours and fabrics, is connected to the underneath part, thanks to the long hidden bust zip, and allows you to refresh your style at any time.

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Mary is the last of the three styles of Caroline's first capsule collection. With its v-shape waist, Mary is designed to gently wrap the feminine curves valorising them. The top and the bottom part of this style, are connected by the hidden zippers situated underneath the top attachment, and can turn your skirt into a dress.

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If you are a designer and want to know how a new collaboration with Caroline London could be a step forward to a new circular economy thanks to a natural upcycling process, please get in touch now.

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